podcast are one of the best way to learn french alone through immersion

The best way to learn French alone is to know how to learn efficiently and to have the appropriate resources to progress. As a French language coach, I always encourage learners to put in the work by themself and be as independent as they can. Then my role is to be there to support and encourage them on their journey.

Most of all, I help them stay on track, focused, and make sure that everything they do takes them closer to their goal of becoming a confident French speaker.

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The best way to learn French alone is through immersion

Podcast My Polyglot Life en français for intermediate and advanced learners

podcast are one of the best way to learn french alone through immersion
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The best way to learn French alone is by consuming a lot of content! As a result, you’ll acquire the rhythm of the language and a lot of passive vocabulary.

I’ve compiled a list of over 30 podcasts to get you started!

If you want to work on your active vocabulary, complement with other activities like my dictations.

2 weeks to find YOUR best way of learning French alone

best way to learn french alone with dictations
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The best way to learn alone includes guidance by a language coach

Indeed, learning alone or independently refers to doing most of the learning on your own time, and to use the sessions with the coach as a complement to speed up the process towards fluency.

Why spend years studying alone, waiting for the moment you’ll feel confident enough to speak, while you could be living your life in French within weeks or months?

So how will a coach help you learn alone afficiently?

As your French language coach, I will

  • Help you set realistic yet ambitious goals
  • Make sure you stay motivated
  • Be flexible to find activities that integrate well in your schedule and with your learning style so you always find the time to engage in/with French
  • Answer all your questions about the language or cultural background to troubleshoot what’s bothering you
  • Break down the grammar to make it digestible, logical and easy to understand
  • Address your mental blocks in a gentle non-frightening way

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