Danson’s Testimonial – Private French lessons, Geneva

Listen to how Danson went from fear of speaking to enjoying French with our private French lessons online, him in Geneva, me in Quebec.

When we started together 9 months ago, he had a good grammar base from studying with the app Babbel and taking basic group lessons in Geneva. However, his listening skills were low and he didn’t feel confident at all to speak French. He would always quickly switch to English on the street.

Together we worked on

  • Putting his grammar knowledge into practice in context.
  • Building more flexibility in the way he constructs sentences to lower the frustration of not being able to say what he wanted to say initially.
  • Improving listening skills to the point that it doesn’t require as much effort for him to listen to French.



  • He can actually enjoy watching movies and series in French without it feeling like a chore or a waste of time! In turn, this helps him absorb even more information (grammar constructs, vocabulary, understanding without translating…)
  • His francophone friends have offered him to practice speaking with them.
  • He’s learned a lot about how we shouldn’t let perfectionnism prevent us from speaking!
  • He recommends private French lessons to anyone moving to Geneva. This will speed up the learning process and the integration into the daily life in French there.

If you need guidance on your own French learning journey, find out more about my services here.

French became fun! Now I can speak while before I was afraid to speak and make mistakes. I enjoy watching videos in French whereas before it required a lot of efforts. I recommend private French lessons with Cathy.