To pay online upon booking, the easiest and fastest way is through Paypal but you can also simply use your credit card through the Paypal system without opening an account (none of your data will be stored by My Polyglot Life and Paypal).

Here’s how to do if you don’t have and don’t want a Paypal account (this option may be unavailable in some countries)
Select the type of session, fill your contact information then select “create a Paypal account” then you’ll have the option to pay with your credit card. Enter your credit card details then choose “I don’t want to create a Paypal account” at the bottom of the form. Quick and easy! 🙂

Paying with Paypal makes it easier to handle recurring bookings and cancellations so you may want to consider opening an account but it is not mandatory.

For packages, bank transfers are also an option (France, Canada or international with Transferwise). Please contact me to set up the tranfer.

Single session

Schedule & pay

Pre-paid package (password: italki)

Step 1: Buy a package of 10
Step 2: Schedule each session with this link