podcast are one of the best way to learn french alone through immersion

My Polyglot Life en français

A podcast created for French learners at high intermediate and advanced level about learning, society and living in France and Canada.

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Learn about French culture in a language adapted for high intermediate learners

In this podcast, I’ll talk about what’s going on in the world and about French culture, in French. The format will be structured around a question with an introduction, an argumentation in 2 or 3 parts and a conclusion. I’ll speak standard French in a clear voice at medium-high speed using vocabulary adapted to intermediate learners.

It might be a bit hard at first for lower-intermediate levels but the episodes come with a full transcript and vocabulary sheet.

The goal is that you’ll get used to hearing exposés in a format similar to the one that’s expected for DELF and DALF (TEF and TCF oral production are much shorter although they have to be structured with linking words as well).

As practice, I invite you to react to what I’m saying and to come up with your own argumentation. Add your opinion to the comments or find me on social media!

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Bavardages podcast episodes – Interviews in intermediate French about learning and expatriation

In these episodes I’ll talk (mostly in French) to other polyglots and French teachers to ask them how they overcame their fear of speaking and tips for you to succeed as well.

If you feel you could contribute to the topic, please contact me!

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