If you’re an intermediate or advanced learner, you already know a lot but may often experience confusion and uncertainty. These feelings undermine your self-confidence as you speak. That’s why having strong grammar bases and listening skills will have a ripple effect on your fluency. I created these online French courses specially for intermediate and advanced levels in mind. Not quite there yet? Check out these great courses for lower levels.

The objective is to empower you and help you become an active learner.

Lower the uncertainty so that you can focus on expressing your thoughts accurately!

The courses all include a coaching approach. They are designed to help you work autonomously on certain aspects of French. Therefore you’ll save money on tutoring and focus your 1:1 or group sessions on speaking the language, applying the grammar and troubleshooting.

Key ingredients of fluency are, firstly, knowing you understand what’s going on, secondly, being confident in your ability to be understood and, if possible, fairly accurate.

🎁 Are you an intermediate or advanced learner struggling with French conjugations?

Download your free guide to discover how to learn conjugations efficiently in 3 steps. Guide in French, with a translation in English.

Includes: a free masterclass on the present tense comparing French and English conjugations.

Recommended for:

  • People who already know the bases of French tenses but mix them up.
  • Learners who like to learn in a logical way, using systems, patterns, learning by association.
  • Visual learners.
  • People who like puzzles, finding their own way.
  • Learners who struggle focusing on or understanding grammar books explanations.
  • Those who want conjugations to stick for good in their memory.
  • Learners who believe comparing languages (native/target/other language you know) makes it easier to make sense of and remember the rules of the target language.
online french courses intermediate to advanced: download the free guide to learn conjugations

Do you want to improve your listening comprehension? Discover these French online courses (intermediate & advanced)

Concept: Dictations for High-intermediate and Advanced levels

Are you struggling to understand Standard Spoken French? This is for you.

You feel confused when native speakers speak casually? You wish you could understand better?

With this French online course for high intermediate and advanced learners (B2-C1-C2), learn how to use dictations to improve your French.

Once you know the method, you can use any audio to create your own learning material with content you find interesting and aligned with your needs. All you need is an audio with a transcript (like my podcast).

This course provides an opportunity for active practice, listening many times, engaging with the content and analyzing the features of spoken French.

As a result, you’ll train your ears and your brain to start distinguishing the sounds better.

You’ll also analyse the syntax and grammar to deepen your understanding of the way French people construct their sentences.

French online course high intermediate and advanced to improve listening comprehension with dictations

This online French course for intermediate and advanced learners includes:

  • 4 dictations, each with 3 levels of difficulty (real speed, adapted speed for learners, slow speed for writing)
  • Comprehension quizzes
  • Mini-lessons on spoken French, vocabulary (including colloquial, vulgar, slang), grammar
  • Self-analysis tools (what are your most frequent mistakes, planning, etc…)
  • Writing prompts

I designed this course with a progression in the difficulty of the dictations. The last one is a humorous video that allows to talk about some cultural traits of France.

Additionally: option to upgrade to include personalized feedback or coaching with Cathy: check out the course curriculum and FAQ.

Preparing for an exam or you like watching the news? Practice Journalistic French!

Ideal for those preparing for DELF, DALF, TEF or TCF.

This course provides a framework for autonomous learners. You can then decide which objectives suit your needs and focus on what’s important. There’s no teacher to decide what you should spend time on. You’re in the driver’s seat.

The course includes:

  • 4 dictations, each with 3 levels of difficulty (real speed, adapted speed for learners, slow speed for writing)
  • Comprehension and vocabulary questions
  • Grammar explanations
  • Self-analysis tools (what are your most frequent mistakes, planning, etc…)
  • Writing prompts

Corrections and self-analyzing tools are included so you can track your mistakes. After that, create a plan of action to improve your grammar. Or find out the areas of listening comprehension you should work on.

The writing prompts are designed to match tasks required at French exams (DELF, TCF). A great opportunity to practice!

If you want to buy both courses, send me an email to get a discount code:
50% off on the journalistic French course