Here’s a selection of valuable online courses for French, beginner to intermediate, to help you find joy and progress in your French journey.

They are affiliate links, meaning I get a commission for bringing awesome resources to your attention. These resources have been carefully selected for independent learners who have a curious mind and like to study on their own before they go on and practice with a tutor, teacher or coach.

They are courses I wish I could’ve made myself because they’re full of wisdom and practical tips I tell my clients all the time. However, as someone already created great resources, I’m happy to just share them with you.

If you’re already at the intermediate level and wish to progress further, or stregthen your advanced level, check out the courses I created specially for more advanced learners.

Looking for an online course to start from scratch or review the bases?

French Uncovered by Olly Richards

This is a comprehensive online course to teach the foundations of French through stories at intermediate level. Featuring various activities, it will take you through all the bases of the French language.

My advice to make the most of it: Make sure to combine the online course with practice sessions in order to develop your ability to use the concepts you’ll learn! Use the prompts and models provided in the course.

I collaborated in the making of French Uncovered. As I worked on the speaking activities, I made sure to include real-life-like sample dialogues. That way you actually have a chance of using them when you’re traveling or speaking with other francophones and francophiles!

If you’re advanced in French but you’re thinking of learning another language, check out the other Uncovered courses.

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Online course French Uncovered for beginner and lower intermediate

  • Learn to speak French through the power of story. Developed by polyglot Olly Richards, the brand new StoryLearning® method helps you learn French in a fun, brain-friendly way… through stories – not rules!
  • Forget memorising grammar rules, rote learning, and boring textbooks. French Uncovered is the fun, natural, and brain-friendly way to learn. 

It is suitable for complete beginners but it’s also a great online course to refresh the bases of French at the lower intermediate level. It will take you all the way to intermediate (B1) level, so you can speak with confidence. 

Find out more about this online course for French intermediate and beginner learners. They also exist in other languages if you’d like to expand your horizons! (Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese…)

Want to actually learn to speak French? Try “Conversations” (beginners and intermediate)

What is Conversations?

Conversations is a groundbreaking online course that helps you understand fast, spoken language, so you can transform your listening skills, take a fuller part in conversations yourself, and reach your true language learning potential. 

The purpose of Conversations

Conversations helps you understand authentic, rapid speech and transform your listening skills in less than 90 days. 

What level is Conversations for?

Conversations is aimed at pre-intermediate and intermediate level learners, which corresponds to A2-B1 on the CEFR.
If my dictations are too advanced for you, then Conversations is a good start.

Who’s this Olly Richards, you ask? Watch this interview on my YouTube channel!

Wanna learn grammar in the most efficient way? This is the best.

Crack the Grammar Code by Kerstin Cable (all levels,course in English)

This is a generic course about grammar, not specifically French. However, this will give you the foundation you need to properly and efficiently tackle French grammar!

I use the same approach when I share French grammar with you. Instead of repeating what she’s saying, I’m just sharing the link to her information-packed course. And if you’re interested in specifically mastering French grammar through 1:1 coaching, you can apply for individual sessions with me here.

If you want to understand how to master grammar in a playful non-stressful way, check out Kerstin’s course. This will give you a great foundation to tackle hair-pulling French grammar.

This course may serve as an explanation of the method used to build Uncovered, and why it’s so efficient. By the way, Kerstin Cable developed the German Uncovered course! See how everything is aligned. I think you’re starting to get a better idea of the philosophy I believe in to build my approach to teaching French.

online courses to understand grammar french german english languages beginner intermediate advanced

Course description: Crack the Grammar code

Course milestones

  • Why the Most Common Way of Studying Grammar Does Not Work
  • How to Crack the Code with Pattern-Based Discovery
  • The 3 Stages of Growth as a Language Learner
  • Fearlessly Enjoying Your Language

Your purchase of Crack the Grammar Code includes:

  • Everything you need to know to understand the natural learning process. As a result, transform how you learn, memorize and master grammar rules
  • Instant access to the video course, notes and slides
  • A special student-only audio so you can listen to the training videos like you listen to a podcast
  • Bonus guide to help you select the right grammar resources for you

Check out Kerstin’s other courses:

Wanna know Kerstin better before you commit? Listen to her podcast about learning languages.

How can mindfulness and journaling can help you become more confident in French?

Monthly membershipBulle de Français” by Jessica Tefengki Ruelle (Intermediate level)

Language is a tool to communicate but in order to communicate effectively and without stress, I believe we need to know ourselves better.

Why not use French as a medium to do some introspection and reflect on your emotions when learning or speaking a foreign language?

The content of “Bulle de Français” is mindfully prepared by Jessica who’s a French teacher and life coach. She’s making sure the content is appropriate from intermediate levels to advanced.

Program description Bulle de français

Bulle de Français is an oasis, a safe space for French learners like you who are looking for a mindful and meaningful approach to their language practice.

This self-paced soulful program will help you:

  • Progressively immerse yourself in the French language, as naturally as possible.
  • Understand meaning from context with a little help, until you can do it autonomously.
  • Express yourself with fluency and ease, both in writing and orally.
  • Connect to your creative, intuitive self through artistic activities for non-artists.
  • Discover yourself in a new light thanks to the reflexions and the journaling prompts.
  • Get comfortable with the pronunciation and rhythms of French.
  • Grow, heal and lead a more joyful, fulfilling and mindful life.

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