Translation of the newsletter April 8


Today I’m going to tell you about me, about you, about all of us French speakers, hoping that it will inspire you to make your voice heard in the world, in French. You might be wondering what speaking French has to do with changing the world?

💡 Keep reading, I’ll tell you how this realization I had recently has given a purpose to my activity as a French coach. It animates me and energizes me when I get up in the morning, always motivated to chat with my coachees, see their progress, and prepare my podcasts and other content.

My coachees have a great sense of empathy towards other living beings, human or not. They are concerned with social justice and some work in NGOs or international relations. I think that’s why we work so well together (you can get a bit more background in this video if you’re curious, in French with English subtitles).

💡 I am convinced that the many confidence issues that French learners face are linked to the historical development of society but also of French in particular, to the construction of the language and mentalities.

French and Francophonie need your contribution and that of all learners to remove coloniality (systemic remnants of colonization) from the language and mentalities. If you’ve listened to my podcast on diversity in France, you’ve heard about the problems related to racism there.

✨ You can participate in this global conversation, with an intermediate (even low) or advanced level!

With my coachees, we quickly start discussing topics like the changes needed in education and at work, racism, sexism, etc.

👣 We build little by little the linguistic bases to allow you to understand and express yourself, starting from the concrete (your life, your experiences, your travels, your work…) towards more global ideas.

By changing mentalities in depth and through dialogue, I am sure that it will be beneficial even in your daily life in contact with native speakers!

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