Tools to improve your French listening skills from early on.

What if the first step to fluency was listening fluently?

Discover resources for intermediate to advanced learners

  • Self-study program with dictations
  • Podcast “My Polyglot Life en français”
  • Free guide : How to use subtitles to improve your French

Why your French will improve with active listening skills

First, training your ears will boost your self-confidence:

Finally you understand what’s going on around you!

  • This sets you on the right track to learn how to respond with the language tools you already know.
  • As a result, you improve naturally by absorbing more and more knowledge.
  • You internalize patterns and vocabulary.
  • With targeted practice in a safe environment, you’ll progressively improve your speaking skills as well.

As a Neurolanguage Coach, I’m guiding you to find your own solutions so that you take ownership of the learning process.

With that in mind, I’m creating resources to help you.

2 weeks to improve your French listening skills and more with dictations

SPOKEN FRENCH (4 dictations from authentic videos + comprehension questions + explanations)

JOURNALISTIC FRENCH (4 dictations from newspaper articles and comprehension questions)

For intermediate to advanced levels: 2 packs available, each contains

  • 3 explanatory videos (about 10 minutes or less each)
  • 4 short audio dictations (about 170-200 words)
  • Follow up activities with each dictation (comprehension questions and writing/speaking prompts)
  • Vocabulary explained
  • 6 templates “grilles d’analyse”

With this French online course for high intermediate and advanced learners (B2-C1-C2), learn how to use dictations to improve your French.

Once you know the method, you can use any audio to create your own learning material with content you find interesting and aligned with your needs. All you need is an audio with a transcript (like my podcast).

This course provides an opportunity for active practice, listening many times, engaging with the content and analyzing the features of spoken French.

improve your listening skills: learn french with dictations

The podcast “My Polyglot Life en français”

Created for high-intermediate to advanced-level French learners who want to :

  • improve their listening skills,
  • learn more about living in France or Canada
  • and build up their vocabulary to speak about current issues in French

Available on all the main platforms and my website.

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improve your listening skills: with podcasts in French

Free guide: How to use subtitles to improve your French

Not everyone learns the same way so this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I’m inviting you to observe how you learn best and adapt your activities. In this guide I’m giving my best tips and resources to use subtitles effectively to promote progress. The goal is eventually not to rely on subtitles.

Learn to use them only when you decide to, not just because your eyes are attracted to then text when they’re on!