Tools to improve your French listening skills from early on.

What if the first step to fluency was listening fluently?

Discover resources for intermediate to advanced learners

  • Podcast “My Polyglot Life en français”
  • Self-study program with dictations

Why your French will improve with active listening skills

First, training your ears will boost your self-confidence:

Finally you understand what’s going on around you!

  • This sets you on the right track to learn how to respond with the language tools you already know.
  • As a result, you improve naturally by absorbing more and more knowledge.
  • You internalize patterns and vocabulary.
  • With targeted practice in a safe environment, you’ll progressively improve your speaking skills as well.

As a Neurolanguage Coach, I’m guiding you to find your own solutions so that you take ownership of the learning process.

With that in mind, I’m creating resources to help you.

Listen to the podcast “My Polyglot Life en français”

Created for intermediate to advanced-level French learners who want to :

  • improve their listening skills,
  • learn more about living in France or Canada
  • and build up their vocabulary to speak about current issues in French

Available on all the main platforms and my website.

2 weeks to improve your French listening skills and more with dictations

For intermediate to advanced levels

  • 3 explanatory videos (about 10 minutes or less each)
  • 4 short audio dictations (about 170-200 words)
  • Follow up activities with each dictation (comprehension questions and writing/speaking prompts)
  • Vocabulary explained
  • 6 templates “grilles d’analyse”

More information

learn french with dictations

Become co-creator of a program to improve French listening skills

I’m planning a short program for intermediate learners to help boost oral comprehension in a matter of weeks (3-4).

We’ll work on

  • the bases of French phonetics (specifically vowels and nasal vowels)
  • features of real spoken French
  • how to stop translating in your head and start understanding intuitively

To serve you better, I’ll be looking for a small group of co-creators who will help me set up the best possible program to reach the objective:

Unblock your listening comprehension !

To know more about the co-creation of the program and benefit from a very special price, please enter your contact info to be kept informed.

Wait, what does it mean to be a “co-creator”?

It simply means that you’ll make a commitment to actively participate in the program :

  • watch the videos, listen to the audios (never more than 10 minutes if I explain something, no more than 1:30 to 2 minutes for study material in French)
  • complete the exercises and follow up activities
  • each week, give me some feedback to improve the program before I send out the next set of tasks

We’ll make sure the tasks are manageable within the timeframe and interesting so that you feel motivated and stay engaged !

Sounds interesting? Just fill out the form to be added to the mailing-list about this program

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Improve your French listening skills program by Cathy Intro, My Polyglot Life

 Please leave your contact info if you: 

  • are interested in potentially becoming a co-creator of a listening program tailored to your needs 
  • are at a high-A2 or B1 level, you struggle with understanding spoken French and want to get better but are not ready yet to commit to a program

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