macaron macaroon

 All macarons are naturally gluten free. They are made of almond flour, sugar and egg whites.
The filling is usually some kind of flavoured buttercream or ganache, or even jam or any other spread. 


Macarons are a little bit finicky to bake, it takes  some skills and a lot of practice to make them perfect. Don’t worry if they’re not picture perfect though, they will always taste good! 

If you’ve tried a few times and still can’t get them right,  or if you want the help of a coach to develop your skills, we have an online course coming on how to bake the perfect macarons! Sign up here to receive more information, recipes and freebies.


A long-time favourite of Parisian tea rooms, le macaron has now attracted itself to Japan and North America where the major cities are witnessing a surge in macaron shops. The French macaron bears very little resemblance to its cousin the coconut based macaroon, besides its Italian-derived name. The French macaron is a sweet confection made of two almond meringue discs stuck together with a generous layer of butter cream, jam or ganache filling.

Although they always look pretty with their bright colors and creamy fillings, creating a great macaron on the outside and on the inside is an art. When baked to perfection, the outside of the shell forms a delicate crust to protect the inside which remains soft and moist, blending in with the filling to reveal its flavours.

Macarons are NOT like Oreo cookies: do not try to open them! In fact, if the macaron is perfect, you shouldn’t even be able to separate the two halves.
The best pastry chefs can be very creative with macarons, there is virtually no limit to the yummy fillings they can come up with and we will be sharing our favourite recipes with you!

During the 6 years we operated French Made Café in Vancouver, we’ve created many flavours, from the most traditional to the most unusual (hello, durian macarons!) and we’ll share our secrets with you.