confident french speaker

A holistic 360 approach drawing from neuroscience, sociology, psychology, history and linguistics. Goal-oriented personalized French language coaching online to help adult learners find confidence in their French voice.

Learn French through conversations. Speak with your own voice and personality, in French!

No stress efficient process:

All coaching sessions are visioconference (or audio only if you prefer) with Zoom or Skype.

I also offer 1:1 personalized test preparation (DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF for immigration and citizenship).

3 types of paths (accompagnements), guidance French language coaching online packages

You want regular lessons to improve your speaking skills and clear up some grammar points.

Length varies depending on your profile, needs and goals. From 2 months to 6 months (renewable), including a mix of 1:1, online course and assignments (if you wish):

French language coaching online: language explorer (description of path A)
French language coaching online, Language Builder (description of path B)
French language coaching online, Language Chameleon (description of path C)

All packages are fully customisable and include a self-paced online course with resources to learn “how to learn”, to work on your mental blocks and resources to work on French language skills. Fees start at C$ 525 per month.

The coaching process: how we’ll work together

In the first 1-hour session:

  • We’ll start by talking about your motivation and goals.
  • Then we’ll do a diagnostic conversation to evaluate what level you’re at, your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Finally, we’ll discuss what you’ll do to reach your goals (actions and activities you enjoy)
  • and how I will support you in the process
  • We’ll draft the main points of your own learning road map

In the first 2 to 3 sessions:

We mostly let the conversation flow about topics we agreed upon. The goal is to make you more comfortable expressing ideas in French.

Session 3 or 4

This may vary depending on each individual:

We’ll touch base and refine your short-term goals and areas you want to work on first. Each session includes free flowing conversation to practice speaking.

Throughout the process of French language coaching online

The goal is to increase your self-confidence as a French speaker by improving your language skills and your fluency at the same time. We constantly work on the language, mindset and learning efficiently.

One “secret” ingredient: pleasure !

One-time “Get back on track” consult (book whenever you need)

You feel stuck and demotivated and need to reignite the spark to continue studying French and move on to the next level.

You’re studying a lot but you feel like you’re not progressing, you’re exhausted and looking for a road map to continue learning at your own pace.

You don’t have time to study but you need to. Let’s talk about how you could integrate more French into your daily life!

You speak French but don’t know what’s your level. You’d like honest feedback about your strengths and weakness and a plan to work on them.

One-time consult are only offered to newsletter subscribers and former clients. Here’s the link to sign up and start receiving tips to improve your French!

Testimonials about French Language coaching online with Cathy

Go to testimonial page for more details.

“Cathy is very patient and friendly, and explains things well. She uses various resources that are very effective in helping with vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. I really enjoy our lessons and am learning a lot! ” Sylvia (low intermediate level at the beginning, high intermediate at the end)

“I have found my lessons with Cathy so far to be very beneficial. She is always patient and friendly and picks discussion materials that are interesting and well suited to my level.” Ashlie (intermediate level)

Comme toujours, merci pour une bonne leçon! On a corrigé et discuté ensemble un texte que j’avais rédigé, et c’était vraiment bénéfique de voir plusieurs subtilités de la grammaire et du vocabulaire qui m’avaient échappé.” Will (advanced level)

As I want to improve my conversational skills, Cathy always helps me a lot and brings me to speak. I learn many new vocabulary and expressions with her. She’s really able to adapt to the the level and needs of a student.” Patricia (advanced level)