Women in Language Conference March 4-7

women in language conference

Join me and many fantastic individuals at the Women in Language conference on the first week of March!

I’ll talk about listening skills, about encouraging (most) people to shut up and empowering the silenced majority, introverts and shy people to speak up!


women in language conference

To hear my presentation: Log in on Friday March 5, 1pm (EST) / 6pm (CET) or watch on replay. 

Get your ticket for the 4 days for only $29, including access to last year’s conference.

The program is jam packed with inspiring talks from speakers bringing new perspectives and useful insights.

Check out my review and key points from last year’s event (I was only attending).

I was truly blown away by the quality of the presentations!


When given a chance and a mic at a conference, Women in Language excel.

They challenge common thoughts in the hope of creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for humanity.


What is Women in Language Conference exactly?

It’s a four-day event featuring more than 30 speakers (including me!), with individual talks,expert panels, speak easy language exchange sessions, and “dream teams”.

Women in Language is an online event designed to showcase inspiring female andnon-binary voices in language industries.
Everyone is welcome! This can’t be stressed enough – the “women” in Women in Language refers to many of the speakers only (well, and the organizers).

When you purchase your ticket, here’s what you get:

●Full access to all live sessions (and chat – believe me, the chat was on fire last year!)
●Full access to all recordings
●The Women in Language Facebook Group (we’re already in there chatting away aboutthe event)
●Your printable Schedule (so you can keep track of everything and not miss yourfavorite session!)
●10% of your ticket price going to Madre
●The chance to donate towards a ticket for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able toattend

Want to see the full line-up and schedule?​​ Click here to learn more.