Benefits to learn French in Canada: Time to give some love to your rusty French!

There are many benefits to being proficient in French if you live or intend to live in Canada. Wait… Is Canada really bilingual? Its constitution says so. But how is day to day life as a francophone in Canada? Let’s talk about bilingualism in Canada in three questions: three reasons to learn French in Canada.

I immigrated to Canada from France in 2009. I’ve been through all the steps of immigration. I’ve lived in Vancouver on the west coast and in Montreal in Quebec. As a result, I know both the anglophone and the francophone sides of Canada. Let me run you through the basics of bilingualism in Canada.

Not sure if you should learn French to improve your life in Canada? #

First let’s just say that you don’t absolutely need French. However, there are a few reasons why you want to consider improving your French. Of course English is kind of mandatory, except in Quebec. But we’ll see the benefits of speaking French if you live or want to live in Canada.

Watch the video below or read this blog post.

Even if you’re still a bit shaky with your French, in reality, it’s just about starting that virtuous circle. I’m here to start that process or to help you at any point of the journey you’re at now.

Leave your comments below with any questions you have about bilingualism in Canada being a francophone in Canada or anything that comes to mind about Canada or immigrating or living here and I’ll be happy to answer!

You’re ready to take your French seriously and give it a chance? Book an introductory session to discuss about your situation and your projects.

If you already understand French fairly well already and want to know more about Quebec culture, check out my podcast My Polyglot Life en français. The podcast covers cultural topics from France and Quebec.

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