Learn French grammar step by step: best practices for efficient durable learning

Is it possible to learn French grammar step by step, easily? French grammar is complex, it’s true, but it’s also very logical! With a good system, you can learn grammar naturally and truly understand the mechanics of it. Then, all you need is some practice to make it stick. Forget doing pages after pages of exercises on a concept only to realize you have no idea how to use it in context in your own spontaneous sentences. This article is a review of the online course Crack the Grammar Code by Kerstin Cable.

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Learning a language as an adult #

Have you only learned languages at school or with manuals? Are you struggling with French grammar and end up frustrated and discouraged? I believe this course can make a real difference in your learning journey. If you can learn French step by step, in a brain-friendly way, your fluency will improve. Indeed, your brain will automate using the concepts faster, using less energy.

For many learners, it’s an eye opener. There will be a before and an after Crack the Grammar Code.

English speakers often don’t learn grammar at school. As a result, they don’t know how to approach it as they learn a new language as an adult. Speakers of other languages may have learned their native tongue’s grammar but it doesn’t mean they’re able yet to apply the same concepts to a new language.  

As the course opens your perspectives, it empowers you as a learner.

This article presents my honest opinion on this course as a Neurolanguage Coach® and language learner using the method described by Kerstin. It contains affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission to share with you one of the most fundamental secrets of polyglots to learn grammar naturally.

learn French grammar step by step: the method

Outcomes of Crack the Grammar Code course #

  • Clear some misunderstandings like :
    • Grammar is optional.❌
    • Grammar must be learned by heart.❌
    • Correct = Intelligent. ❌
    • What should be emphasized instead of rote memorization. ✅
  • Understand how the brain learns naturally (and that’s not how we do it at school!). This is basically a summary of what I learned in my intensive Neurolanguage Coaching® training to become a language coach. And it’s the method I apply myself as a polyglot speaking French, English, Spanish, Japanese and German (and dabbling in other languages for fun).
    It’s all backed up by neuroscience and the experiences of language learners throughout the world. 

Do you know what is declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge? And how knowing how to articulate both will speed up your progress? Find out in the course 🙂

learn French grammar step by step: memorize the smart way
There are different types of memorization. Find out more in the course and apply it!
  • Develop your intuition when it comes to making grammar decisions. Intuition is based on subconscious information in your brain. If you can learn to tap into it, your fluency will progress faster.
  • A concrete step-by-step process to follow and get started. After the theory, Kerstin shows an example of the application in real life so that you can use it in your own learning journey. 
  • Best practices for teachers. As a learner, feel free to communicate your needs to your teacher regarding explanation and error correction.

What I like best, from a Neurolanguage Coach perspective #

Learn steadily and durably: curiosity is your fuel and compass. #

Kerstin is a goldmine of information on language learning (check out her podcast if you haven’t yet). She’s learned 6 languages over the course of 20 years. Indeed, she likes to take her time to learn. She has a busy life and many passions. Language learning is not a race, it should be fun and fit into your daily life effortlessly. What she is offers is “learn steadily and durably”. What you learn following her advice, and mine, will stick long term. Why is that? Because it is stress-free and active

Learning a language is not about cramming for a test. It’s about learning the techniques to make the language your own. And to make it your own, you need to deeply understand how it works. 

Build on everything you know already to learn French grammar step by step #

Contrary to a belief that the native language shouldn’t be used in a foreign language classroom, experts* have proven that comparing structures of the target and native language speeds up the acquisition process. Whatever is familiar and reminds you of your native language (or another one you know well) will seem easy to learn. You can cut the time spent on these concepts and dedicate more time to learning new concepts, parts of the grammar that are different from your native language. 

The course presents in a clear way and plain English language the principles of efficient learning. All the information is available online but spread out over many websites and research papers.

Save some time, learn the fundamentals you need to know about and get started on your journey to learn French grammar step by step.

* Here’s one example of a research paper on the topic, including a review of the scientific literature laying out the principles of efficient language learning


Empowerment : learn grammar in the easiest way FOR YOU #

A factor of success of learning a language is the sense of ownership. The learner is empowered, becomes more autonomous. You develop a curiosity for the language, you identify your needs and you’re familiar with techniques to get what you need. 

Grammar books have a one-size-fits-all approach but we know that all brains learn differently. What this course does is give you the foundation and tools to learn effortlessly while having fun.

“If your brain, body and soul feels the pain of grammar tables, then Kerstin is like a language pharmacist who has formulated a painkiller against grammar discomfort.”

— Ashley Bennett, about Crack the Grammar Code

Buy once, use it for life: learn French grammar step by step and don’t stop there! #

The technique works for every single language. It’s worked for me with languages similar to French (English, Spanish) and completely different (Japanese).

Once you know how to learn efficiently, it becomes easier to learn languages and you too can become a polyglot.

Here are the topics covered:

  • Why the Most Common Way of Studying Grammar Does Not Work
  • How to Crack the Code with Pattern-Based Discovery
  • The 3 Stages of Growth as a Language Learner
  • Fearlessly Enjoying Your Language

It’s probably not for you if you #

  • are not curious, you don’t like observing
  • believe that only manuals can teach grammar the “right” way and you want to follow the order found in manuals 
  • want to only rely on a teacher to introduce new concepts and decide what to study next

Your purchase of Crack the Grammar Code includes #

  • Everything you need to know to understand the natural learning process and transform how you learn, memorize and master grammar rules
  • Instant access to the video course, notes and slides
  • A special student-only audio so you can listen to the training videos like you listen to a podcast
  • Bonus guide to help you select the right grammar resources for you

Crack the Grammar Code is a comprehensive course teaching you how to free yourself from grammar struggles and fearlessly enjoy any language. Should we thank Kerstin’s German background (stereotype coming 😄) for how organized the material is? Maybe. Anyway, it is broken down into easily digestible chunks with a natural progression.

If you prefer to binge watch it all at once, you also have access to the full recording of the webinar including Q&A and some bonuses. 

If you like the course, you might also want to check out Kerstin’s French Grammar course, applying the principles you’ll learn in Crack the Grammar Code.

If you’re looking for resources specifically for French so that you can start applying
the Crack the Grammar Code method, check out this page.

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