How to use podcasts to learn French ?

You’re wondering how to use French podcasts to learn the language beyond just listening? With “My Polyglot Life en français“, I’ve created a podcast for intermediate to advanced learners who want to hear about critical societal issues in French.

In today’s post I also want to share my advice on how to choose podcasts to learn French. It’s based on the Comprehensible Input principles. In addition, I’m suggesting activities you can do to consolidate what you hear. The end goal: natural progress!

Although passive listening is helpful, I think it’s necessary to also engage in more active learning. I’ll give you a few tips on how to combine both!

  • First, let’s see how listening to podcasts will help improve your French over time.
  • Create French immersion by listening to authentic and interesting content. I will give you tips on how to choose the right podcasts.
  • Find the list of my favorite podcasts at the end of the article.

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