Practice grammar for French tests: what do you need to pass B1 or B2?

Let’s talk about the mechanical elements of the grammar you need to get a good score at French tests (ie knowledge of the rules, use of the building blocks of the language).

The following are all the mechanical elements you’re supposed to know at B1 and B2 levels. I know it can seem overwhelming but keep calm please 🙂

It doesn’t mean you have to master them all in your written and oral productions. With the help of a coach, you can break it down and be strategic about it! If you’d like some help to plan your preparation for an upcoming French test and practice grammar, you can contact me.

Select the main points you will need to work on to get the best possible score depending on how much time and effort you can dedicate to studying before your test. 

I know a lot of students fear the subjunctive but for example, at B1 level you can learn 2 sentence structures to show you can use subjunctive and avoid the other situations. If you‘re going for a B2 level, aim for at least 4-5 useful structures. 

Create a study plan to work on specific grammar to pass French tests
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I’m only giving a detailed breakdown for levels B1 and B2 because that’s the most common interrogation. By the end of B2, you’ve been introduced to most of the grammar concepts so C1 and C2 consists mostly of improving your mastery of the concepts to reduce the amount of errors, to expand your vocabulary on the most common topics you can be tested on and the level of articulation of your argumentation (ability to write a synthesis and to convince) and, in parallel, your knowledge about the culture.

What you need to know to pass French tests levels B1 and b2 #

Level B1

You may make some mistakes but you demonstrate you generally know how to form and when to use the following. The technical terms in the table are in French to avoid possible confusions.

Level B2:

All of B1 with fewer mistakes plus a few extra skills (see below).

Download the PDF below to read a summary of the different skills you should work on to pass level B1 or B2 (grammar, syntax, vocabulary, speaking skills)

Grammar to study for French tests, by level (B1 and B2) #

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