We are working on a series of online courses and an ebook to share our recipes!

We will release a variety of courses to cover all our best sellers and traditional French recipes:
macarons, cannelés, madeleines, sablés (shortbread), chocolate fondant (lava cake), etc.

In the first stand-alone mini-course you will learn how to make macarons.
This first course will be followed by a more in-depth membership program for those who wish to learn all the techniques of French pastry.  All courses will be accessible online from the comfort of your own home and kitchen, you can log in whenever is convenient for you and follow the course at your own pace.


All recipes will include:

detailed video instructions,
step-by-step printable recipe sheets,
ingredients list
and the possibility to ask us any questions you may have by email or video-conference.

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Read what our former students say about our classes in Vancouver:

“After that 2.5 hour lesson, making macarons seemed less challenging than I imagined and I’m prepared to make a batch of them for everyone!” (Daily Hive Vancouver)

“Everything is simply delicious! Our favourite are the Hispahan macaron and the canalés. And David’s macaron class is really great, with invaluable tips and hands-on training.” (Trevor F., Facebook review)

“Great macaron class with David! Thank you!” (Denisa A., Facebook review)

“It was a great experience, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to add macarons to their baking skills repertoire.  (…) We’re also invited to email David with any questions we have.  I feel like I have the skills to make my own macarons at home, and will practice over this holiday season.” (C. S., Yelp review)

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