Learn French or English with movies: interview with Cara Leopold

In these two episodes of My Polyglot Life en français, I’m chatting in French with Cara Leopold, founder of leo-listening.com. We’re talking about how to learn languages, French and English, with movies. Indeed, it’s her specialty, therefore she has some great insights to share.

Cara’s from Great-Britain but she’s been living in France since 2007. She speaks French fluently, I think it’s even fair to say she’s bilingual, she knows about learning a language to a high level of proficiency and also about life as an expat.

With leo-listening.com, Cara helps learners who want to learn a language outside of a classroom, while having fun and watching their favourite movies in English (also works with French or any other language of course!). She also helps online teachers develop their activity in an easy, fun and profitable way. She’s offering a much needed service! Indeed we know that relaxed happy teachers make happy students who progress 🙂

Cara leo-listening learn french with movies

Here’s what we talked about in the two episodes.

Episode 36: Expat Story in France

  • Her life in a medium-sized town in France
  • Having an accent
  • Making friends in France.

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Episode 37: How to learn English and French with movies

  • What you can learn from movies besides the English or French language
  • Netflix show Emily in Paris
  • What kind of movies she likes to use
  • Can you improve your speaking by watching and listening to movies?
  • Subtitles: ON or OFF?
  • leo-listening Movie Club : learn English with other movie lovers

But I find that the most useful is surely when you are a little more advanced. Listening is also an opportunity to really notice: “I learned such and such a thing at school, etc. I learned such and such formula, but what do people really say to each other when they talk?

On Air: April 9

Also available on: Spotify  / Apple Podcasts /  Google Podcasts

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About Cathy

Cathy Intro is a certified Neurolanguage® coach helping aspiring French speakers improve their language skills to live their life and socialize in French with confidence. She has a strong focus on active listening, cultural awareness and self-understanding. She believes clear grammar foundations are key to reaching fluency in French but that it shouldn't be taught with a linear textbook-approach method. Her role as a coach is to empower the learner, ignite curiosity and provide support to reach the objectives with no waste of time and efforts, in a positive and fun environment.

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