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Reflection questions “My year in French”

The end of the year is a good time to review your year in French. A good time to reflect upon the past year which was unexpected for all of us. A lot happened and a lot was put on hold.

Did you have goals or hopes at the beginning of the year? How did your French learning go? Here are a few questions to guide you.

Have you done that already? You’re ready to move ahead and plan next year? Check out this post!

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1. Write down 3 achievements in your French learning journey

Congratulations about this! Please take a moment to enjoy and be proud of you.

How did you achieve these 3 things? Did you set an intention, what actions did you do, did someone or something help you, etc

2. Write down the skills (soft and hard) that made these achievements possible

3. How will you celebrate these wins?

Celebrating helps the brain to register the successes (positive reinforcement and dopamine shot) and will increase motivation to continue.

4. Which frustrations or obstacles did you encounter on the way? (internal or external)

5. What did you learn about yourself because of this? Which qualities and personality traits did you rely on to overcome the obstacles and difficult times?

6. If the same kind of frustrations and obstacles arise again in the next year, how will you handle them? Or how could you avoid them?

Think of a strategy to avoid and a strategy to counter the frustration. A strategy is a concrete action or action plan. Feel free to write it and come back to it whenever you feel stuck. Learn to recognize the signs of recurring frustrations and obstacles.

7. Note 3 major changes that happened with your “French self” during the last year

Let’s let all this settle for a few days and check out the blog next week to project yourself and your French learning in 2021. In the meantime, if you had to choose one keyword to sum up your intention with French for the year 2021, what would you pick? 

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(This article is a translation and adaptation to the French learning process from this article in French by Marion Guiset, Leadership coach)

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Cathy Intro is a certified Neurolanguage® coach helping aspiring French speakers improve their language skills to live their life and socialize in French with confidence. She has a strong focus on active listening, cultural awareness and self-understanding. She believes clear grammar foundations are key to reaching fluency in French but that it shouldn't be taught with a linear textbook-approach method. Her role as a coach is to empower the learner, ignite curiosity and provide support to reach the objectives with no waste of time and efforts, in a positive and fun environment.

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