Gifts for learners of French who are afraid of speaking

Looking for gifts for French learners? Here’s something that will make a difference in their life. Gift certificates for language coaching are so convenient when you think about it: schedule when you want, stay home and do a visio call, customize what you want to learn!

Learning French is challenging. Many French learners are afraid to speak up and engage in a conversation for various reasons. The grammar is complex of course but, more often than not, stress is the number one obstacle to your progress!

If stress or learning difficulties (no motivation, difficulties to memorize or study in a traditional way (school and manuals)…) are your main problems, why not try a different approach with Neurolanguage Coaching.

Gifts idea: Neurolanguage Coaching to help learners who are afraid of speaking French

What is Neurolanguage coaching?

Basically, Neurolanguage coach have received specific training and are accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) and share the same principles:

  1. Sharing with the learner the latest findings in neuroscience about the best practices → learn efficiently
  2. Coaching methods to identify goals, create action plans
  3. Coaching to work on removing mental blocks
  4. Constant conversations and honesty → get exactly what you want from the sessions
  5. Conversations about grammarunderstand the rules and practice applying them
  6. Practice using French in situations relevant to your life

Read this blog post about Neurolanguage Coaching: Read this!

Is this you or your friend’s situation?

  • Feeling afraid, frustrated or stressed while speaking French?
  • Should learn French because living in a francophone region?
  • Need French for work?
  • Need French for immigration purposes?
  • Need to pass a French exam B1 or higher? 

Why not gift yourself or them some special time to connect with French?

1 hour-orientation gift card for French learners feeling lost or needing to get back on track

Who is it for?

  • Want to improve but you don’t know where to start?
  • Not sure how to overcome paralysing stress or perfectionism?
  • Feeling lost due to cultural shock?

During the session

Talk freely about your struggles and open up new perspectives through our discussion. Find a new motivation to learn!

We’ll exchange a little in French to assess your level but the rest of the session can be conducted in English or in French.

After the session

  • Receive a summary of your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Reflection questions
  • and useful resources to start taking action

Contact me by email for up to date pricing or fill out this form and I will send you more information.

Want to know more before you commit? Book a free coffee chat to get to know each other and ask your questions!

Read what my clients say about the coaching

Check out the online courses catalogue

For example, my program to work on your listening and cultural comprehension of spoken French!



Aujourd’hui j’ai passé environ 40 min pour faire la dictée et les exercices de vocabulaire et de grammaire. J’aime bien apprendre des mots idiomatiques et la grammaire tout en lisant Marc Levy. De plus, cette fois, je n’ai pas fait beaucoup d’erreurs, ou au moins pas autant que d’habitude ! Il faut d’ailleurs pratiquer d’une façon persistente quelle que soit la méthode que tu utilises. J’aime bien cette grille d’analyse pour la dictée. Merci toujours de partager tes astuces et conseils très utiles !

Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année!

About Cathy

Cathy Intro is a certified Neurolanguage® coach helping aspiring French speakers improve their language skills to live their life and socialize in French with confidence. She has a strong focus on active listening, cultural awareness and self-understanding. She believes clear grammar foundations are key to reaching fluency in French but that it shouldn't be taught with a linear textbook-approach method. Her role as a coach is to empower the learner, ignite curiosity and provide support to reach the objectives with no waste of time and efforts, in a positive and fun environment.

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