33 podcasts to learn French: intermediate, advanced

There are so many podcasts that you’re probably wondering where to start so I’ve compiled a list of about 30 of the best podcasts for people who learn French at intermediate to advanced levels! I’m regularly updating it so there may eventually be more than 30 🙂

Many of my clients suggested these podcasts as they found them useful in their own learning process. Others are some of my favourites as a native French speaker.

To make it easier for you, I’ve sorted them by level and themes.

Beginner to intermediate level

Vocabulary & basic grammar

The best podcasts to learn French if you’re a beginner!

best podcasts to learn french

Podcasts by teachers

Various topics

  1. Weekly about societal issues and cultural topics. Ideal to prepare DELF, DALF, TCF ou TEF.
  2. Once a month a “Bavardages” episode where I interview francophiles and francophones to inspire learners!
best podcasts to learn french
  • InnerFrench : One of the best podcasts for Intermediate levels
  • Podcast “Balades” on LingQ (available with the free version): anecdotes and tips for French learners. With transcriptions and vocabulary explained.
  • French Voices, a French teacher who lives in Australia records interviews accessible to intermediate levels. She explains the context in English, translates a few words of vocabulary important for understanding and provides a complete transcript of all the first episodes.

Good but discontinued podcasts

Paris o’clock, short episodes on culture-related topics, slow enough to allow you to understand. Unfortunately it’s been on hold for a while but you can still enjoy the first episodes!

Fleur de lis, a podcast in Quebec French accessible from A2-B1 level. Unfortunately this one’s on hold as well.

World news

RFI Journal en français facile (which is actually not so easy, but there is the transcription and they explain some expressions)

If you are preparing for the DELF or TEF/TCF exams, I particularly recommend Coffee Break French (for everyday conversation and grammar), My Polyglot Life and InnerFrench to develop your vocabulary and general French culture, useful for oral expression.

Best podcasts to learn French: Higher intermediate and advanced (native podcasts)

News and Society

Minute Papillon“, 20minutes.fr news website podcast
Transfert” a collection of podcasts on Slate.fr
Les Experts” on France Bleu
France Info Junior (ok it’s not a podcast but it’s well done and informative) 
RFI: Les mots d’actualité


Choses à savoir : Great short podcast! Episodes are 2-3 minutes long on many different topics and there is a transcript. Skip the episodes that don’t appeal to you.

Here are 2 platforms producing a variety of podcasts, I’m sure you’ll find some you enjoy!
Binge . Including one of my favorites: Les couilles sur la table (“Balls on the table”), a podcast on modern feminism and masculinity, and also: Program B et Kiffe ta race (about race and racism in France).
Also on Binge: Afro and Antillaise (French West Indies) voices : Le Poukwa (The Why), Le Tchip (they speak fast)
Arabic culture in France: Tarab

Louie Media (including 2 of my favourites: “Emotions” and “Travail en cours“). Louie Media provides transcript on their website.

Podcasts by Arte Radio (and also their YouTube Channel). Everything produced by this German-French channel is high quality.

Inspiring people

Inspiring women

Various guests


Shows and podcasts on France Culture

Daily life


Mindfulness/meditation and personal development

In another article, I will tell you all about the benefits that meditation can bring to your learning process!

If you are preparing a DELF/DALF/TEF/TCF test, these are also indispensable techniques that will help you manage your stress!

2 podcasts by the doctor Christophe André who teaches you how to meditate without getting bored.
La vie intérieure (4-minutes episodes!)
Prendre le temps de méditer

Another podcast that delivers plenty of tips in just a few minutes: “le Flow” by Didier Sicaud  

With these short podcasts, you won’t be able to say “I don’t have time to listen to French anymore” 🙂


Chiffon“, by Chantal Thomass on Grazia.fr

French language

Parler comme jamais

Enjoy these podcasts!
Tell me in the comments what you think of them and don’t hesitate to add your own recommendations!

Check out also Marissa’s list. You may find additional links.

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Cathy Intro is a certified Neurolanguage® coach helping aspiring French speakers improve their language skills to live their life and socialize in French with confidence. She has a strong focus on active listening, cultural awareness and self-understanding. She believes clear grammar foundations are key to reaching fluency in French but that it shouldn't be taught with a linear textbook-approach method. Her role as a coach is to empower the learner, ignite curiosity and provide support to reach the objectives with no waste of time and efforts, in a positive and fun environment.

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