Songs to practice French

When you need to take a break from studying but still want to immerse yourself in the French language, why not put on some music?

It’s a great way to learn new French words, to practice pronunciation and listening comprehension.

I’ve selected mostly clips with lyrics so you can sing along. There’s a variety of old and new songs, different styles of music. Find the ones you prefer and then follow Youtube’s suggestions to find more songs you like!

About Cathy

Française & Canadienne. Actuellement à Vancouver, BC. Langues: Bilingue français/anglais. Espagnol intermédiaire. Débutante en japonais et thai. Ai su parler parler allemand dans ma jeunesse. Communicante devenue pâtissière et entrepreneur. Bâtisseuse de ponts entre les cultures. Guide dans l’apprentissage des langues sans complexes. Eternelle voyageuse🛪

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