Thank you for everything. We’ll miss you!

We are sad to announce that French Made Baking will be closing its doors on August 31.

We truly thank each and every one of you who made this adventure possible and enjoyable, our customers and staff and the wonderful Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

We started French Made from a desire to bake the best French pastries and share our passion for food. What we love above all is meeting our customers, getting to know you and being in the front line in the kitchen and at the counter. As the business grew, we were faced with a tough decision. Either staying a small family business and doing our best to keep up with growing demand for quality baking or moving on to the next stage and expand the business. Unfortunately, remaining small takes a toll on our family and personal lives. Vancouver is a tough place for small businesses. However, developing the business in the other direction made us feel like we were losing that connection with our customers and staff. It wasn’t aligned with what we hold dear.

An opportunity came up and we decided to let French Made as you’ve known it take a break. Both the café and our Atelier kitchen on Kent avenue will close their doors in the next few weeks. We are planning to take some time to work on personal projects that were left aside for the past 6 years and think about the future of French Made.

We have learnt and grown so much on a personal and professional level. We are grateful for every minute of it. We enjoyed being a part of your family events through our pastries, to see your kids grow and feel part of the community.

The café will close its doors on August 31 but you will find us at various farmers’ markets in September. We will still accept some orders for pick up from our Kent Avenue Atelier in September*. Please contact us by email with a few days notice: We have also added a few more classes in September.
Please keep following us on social media and check our website to see what we’re up to in the future!

David & Catherine, Co-Owners

* Atelier kitchen: 1589 North East Kent Avenue, Vancouver (east of Knight Street bridge)