Valentine’s Day treats to say “Je t’aime”


Starting on February 10, we will have heart-shaped macarons available in a selection of flavours and pastel tones:
white (vanilla, tiramisu), purple (lavender, blackcurrant) and pink (raspberry, dark chocolate strawberry).
Limited quantities available each day. Macarons stay fresh for 2 to 3 days in the fridge from date of purchase.

$2.35 per piece (no special packaging)
or $3.35 for 1 packaged in a clear box with ribbon
$5.70 for 2 packaged in a clear box with ribbon
$13.50 in a box of 6
$29.50 in a gift box of 12

Special heart-shaped cakes (one-serving size)

Mille Crepes

A Valentine’s Day variation of our best selling crepe cake. Thin French crepes in layers with hazelnut milk chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate ganache and strawberry.
$6.25 each

Vanilla Cheesecake with Blackcurrant-Raspberry coulis

The base is made of almond cream and shortbread, topped by a light and not too sweet vanilla cheesecake mousse and blackcurrant-raspberry compote.
$5.25 each

Chocolate Lava cake (gluten intolerant friendly)

Our best seller in a single-serving heart shaped cake for the occasion!
Molten heart chocolate cake with chocolate glaze. Heat up 20 seconds in the microwave and dig in the lava center!

$5.25 each

Hispahan [ee-spa-han]  (gluten intolerant friendly)

Available in its regular round shape, this large macaron cake will for sure be a hit and please your Valentine with its subtle flavour and fancy look!
Topped with a rose petal for the occasion.
Available in 2 flavours: rose cream with raspberries and litchis and caramel cream with Granny Smith apples and soft salted caramel
$5.75 each

All prices are tax included


We will also have a variety of other cakes in the displays, come check it out and enjoy a drink and pastries or crepes in our café!

Heart shaped cakes will be available in limited quantities from Saturday, February 11 until February 14 (limited quantity available each day).

To place an order please email

or call (604) 558-4880 (8am-6pm)


The Hot Chocolate Festival is still going on every day until February 14!

On February 14, we will feature again the best selling flavour: The Nutcracker Nectar, made with Valrhona 46% milk chocolate and house-made hazelnut butter