Happy New Year!

There is free underground parking for customers at 288 East 8th Avenue between Kingsway and Scotia Street.

Holiday Hours:
January 1 to 6: CLOSED for annual vacation


Galette des Rois / Kings’ Cake: available from January 7!

In France, a very important tradition to quickly let go of your New Year resolution to start a diet and to overcome back-to-work gloom is to indulge in la Galette des rois.

Made of two discs of flaky buttery puff pastry filled with frangipane almond cream, it is sinfully good and since it’s a seasonal cake, you have to fill up during the month of January!

The Galette des Rois is a celebration cake made to share with friends, family and colleagues. The tradition is part of the French Catholic background:  on January 6th, people were celebrating Epiphany (the 12th day after Christmas, when the three Kings brought gifts to the newborn Jesus, hence the name Kings’ Cake) with a cake. Inside the Galette is hidden a little object (originally a fava bean, hence the name “fève” in French, then it became a ceramic or plastic figurine) and whoever finds it becomes the “King” or “Queen” for the day and gets a paper crown to show it. It was a chance for servants to become masters for a day!

To make sure nobody cheats (it sometimes happens that you cut on it and you know where it is), somebody cuts the galette while the youngest guest has to go under the table and is in charge of randomly distributing the slices amongst the guests.
When sharing a galette between grown ups, it is commonly agreed that whoever gets the fève will buy another round of galette to share 🙂

We will have 3 sizes available until the end of January:
By the slice: $4.25 (may come with a fève, be careful when biting!)
3-4 servings (6″, please pre-order at least 48 hours in advance): $16.45
6-8 servings (9″, please pre-order at least 24 hours in advance): $32.50
(as usual, prices include tax)
All full galettes will come with a fève and a paper crown.
Orders may be placed by email or in person.


Hot Chocolate Festival: January 19 to February 14

We are proud to participate for the 6th time in Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival! More than 25 participating venues and exciting gourmet hot chocolate flavours!

2015-2016 Dark chocolate thyme orange webThis year follow us “Beyond the Milky Way” (pear, dark chocolate and almond milk) to a
land of hot chocolate and fairy tales!

Drink the Nutcracker’s Nectar (hazelnut milk chocolate),
indulge in Hansel & Gretel’s Temptation (gingerbread orange blond chocolate)
and succumb to Snow White’s Delight (black forest affogato)…

All drinks of the Hot Chocolate Festival contain dairy products and cannot be made dairy free, except for Beyond the Milky Way.
Snow White’s Delight

More details and full calendar of the festival will be published at the beginning of January