Thanksgiving desserts and macarons

We recommend pre-ordering Thanksgiving macarons and desserts
at least one week in advance.

Pumpkin and apple jam on shortbread crust with spices
with or without whipped cream, 2 sizes (price tax included)
pumpkin-pie-2016Medium (7″, 6 servings): $22.75
Large (9″, 8-10 servings): $27.25

Pies with whipped cream need to be refrigerated so if you plan on travelling outside of the city with the pie, we recommend ordering without whipped cream ($1.50 off regular price).

Pumpkin spice macaron shell with pumpkin spice whipped ganache
and confite pumpkin pieces.
(Gluten free)

large-macaron-pumpkin-hispahanIndividual size (3″): $5.75
4-5 servings (6″): $22
6 servings (7.5″): $33
8 servings (9″): $44


Praliné mousse & Hazelnut mousse with Mandarin orange jelly,
crunchy milk chocolate praliné and hazelnut cake layers. Hazelnut buttercream on top. Light & not too sweet!

noisettine4 servings: $23
6 servings: $34.50
8 servings: $46
10 servings: $57.50

Cranberry coulis, orange zests and vanilla cream
Almond cream shortbread

cheesecake-cranberry-0013″: $5.50

Pumpkin buttercream

Apple Butter buttercream & Cinnamon
Cranberry jelly & Vanilla cream
(Gluten free)

fall-macarons-2016We have 12 to 15 flavours available every day!
$2 each / 6 macarons: $10.75 / 12 and over: $21 per dozen
35 macarons with small stand: $65.10

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