Goûters Gourmets, a French style afternoon tea

French Made Cafe GourmandGoûters Gourmets

On Mother’s Day week-end, we launched the new menu of Goûters Gourmets, a French afternoon tea with two options. Goûter in France is the traditional after school snack between lunch and dinner.

For the full Parisian experience is the “Après-Midi à Paris” (Afternoon in Paris): 1.5 hour, full service, including Kusmi Tea imported from Paris, sweet and savoury mini-croissants, French macarons, madeleines and other tea time favourites, mini-desserts, a bread basket including brioche, whole wheat campagne bread and baguette served with locally sourced artisan pâtés, butter, jams and Nuciola (French Made Baking’s own chocolate-hazelnut spread).

For a lighter yet delightful snack is the Café-Gourmand like it is served in French bistros: a long plate with a cup of Mogiana coffee or Kusmi tea and an assortment of bite-sized pastries (macarons, madeleines, canelés, mini-crêpes…).

French Made Baking is proud to offer the largest selection of Kusmi Teas in Vancouver. All pastries and breads are made in house by David and the French Made team.

Goûter Gourmet “Café Gourmand”: $15/person (every day, no reservations necessary, party of 2 minimum)

Goûter Gourmet “Après-Midi à Paris”: $31.50/person (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. Reservation is mandatory, party of 2 minimum (6 max), from 1:30pm until 4:30pm, $31.50/person. Gluten free menu available (extra fee will apply, 1 week notice required to source ingredients).

Reservation request widget (for “Après-Midi à Paris” only. Please note that your reservation will be confirmed by email or phone depending on availability.