4th Hot Chocolate Festival (Jan. 18-Feb. 14) & Chinese New Year

Hot Chocolate Festival

resampled_short poster 2It’s that time of year again! The time for Vancouver to celebrate hot chocolate! We’re very excited to join again 24 other chocolate lovers all over town.

Check out the official website to see the list of flavours offered at each locations and the dates. This year the organizers designed a handy walking map for you to prepare your itinerary! Download it on the website or pick it up in the participants’ stores.

Funds raised during the 2014 Hot Chocolate Festival will support the Downtown Eastside Women’s Job Training program of the PHS Community Services Society and East Van Roasters. Find more information about the recipients of the funds here.

 We will have 5 different flavours on the menu, one per day on a rotating basis. Each hot chocolate is paired with a bite sized treat.

All drinks are made with Valrhona chocolate:

– “Magnifique Brunette”: 72% dark chocolate with Coconut milk and toasted coconut.
January 18, 24, 29 – February 3, 8, 13
with: “Congolais” (coconut macaroons)

“Lord of the Hot Chocolate”: 40% milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey
January 19, 25, 30 – February 4, 9, 14
with: a French macaron of your choice

“Blonde Fatale”: Dulcey caramelized 32% white chocolate and salted caramelJanuary 20, 23, 28 – February 2, 7, 12
with: a “Sablé chocolat” (chocolate and sea salt shortbread)

“Beyond the Milky Way” (dairy free): 72% dark chocolate, pear and almond milk
January 21, 26, 31 – February 5, 10
with: a “Marocaine” (almond flour ball flavoured with orange blossom water and orange zests)

“Belle du Sud”: 46% milk chocolate infused with lavender
January 22, 27 – February 1, 6, 11
with: “Guimauve” (marshmallow)


Chinese New Year celebrations

Chinese NYPre-order French macarons for your celebrations:

– Trio of macarons with enveloppe:   $6.25

– “Take out style” box of 6 macarons: $10.50

– Discount for orders over 50 macarons: $1.55 /macaron (pre-order required, not valid with special packaging)

Don’t miss our “Chinese New Year” special flavours!
Black sesame ganache
Jasmine green tea ganache
Matcha with Azuki red bean buttercream