Who likes crêpes?

crepesWe felt like something was missing in our line up of products… Something truly French that everyone at French Made loves making and eating and that we’re missing so much from our homeland… Something really hard to find in Vancouver…  Yes, we’re talking about crêpes! Truly French crêpes: sweet ones made of wheat flour, butter, milk, eggs and savoury ones made of buckwheat flour, salt and water, just the way we eat them in Brittany.

Most of the toppings will be homemade of course. As with all our pastries, we prefer making everything from scratch so we know exactly what’s in it (only good and natural products) and we can add our personal touch to classics like lemon curd, applesauce, pesto, etc. One of the only exceptions being Nutella because Nutella crêpes are such a classic and a fond childhood memory of almost all French people…

Sweet and Savoury crepes are available for dine-in customers and for take-out. They are made fresh to order (which means don’t order one when you’re in a hurry as it takes a few minutes to prepare) and have to be eaten right away (don’t save it for the next morning breakfast please).

Check out our crêpes menu here!