Kusmi Tea

On top of our selection of tea bags served in the store (10 different kinds), we are now selling loose leaf teas (in 25g and/or 125g tins) from Maison de Thé Kusmi, a Russian-French brand of teas. If you like subtle and balanced teas, you will love these!

From classics like English Breakfast and Earl Grey to signature blends like St .Petersburg (Russian black tea flavoured with citrus, caramel and red fruits) or Anastasia (Earl Grey flavoured with orange blossom and citrus) and wellness teas (yerba mate and green tea blend flavoured with either lemongrass -Detox- or spices -Boost), we have about 20 different teas to suit every taste.

Looking for the perfect gift? Get a set of 5 small tins + a tea infuser, a box of assorted tea bags (“Kusmi Essentials” with all the best sellers and “Kusmi Iced Teas” to drink when summer finally hits Vancouver!) or a colorful travel mug.

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