Holiday Season

What a busy Holiday Season between the renos and opening of the store in the near future, markets and fairs and the development of new products and flavors of macarons but excitement is at its max and we love it! A few updates and reminders to get you up to speed:

– Store at 81 Kingsway:
Renos are going smoothly and we’re on track to open by mid-December, fingers crossed! We’ll post a few pictures on Facebook next week.

– New products and macarons:
We’re working on some chocolate confections (chocolate-coated almonds and florentins), perfecting recipes of the products we’ll carry in the shop (croissants, éclairs, turnovers, tarts, Opéras…), seasonal flavours of macarons (Pain d’épice (honey-spices cake) and peppermint to name a couple) and design of new limited edition decorated macarons that will make great stocking stuffers (follow us on Facebook and Twitter or visit us at Make it Craft Fair to be the first to see these!).

You can order a macaron Christmas tree for your dessert table or buffet. Limited quantities available. The one in the picture below fits about 35-40 macarons (less if laid flat) and we have a large one that fits up to 230 macarons (trays can be removed to make it smaller). Come see it by yourself at Nikkei Place, “Make it” and Bakers’ Markets in December (see below for dates and location).
We also make gourmet gift baskets for your friends, family and clients who have a sweet tooth. Baskets include macarons, canelés, chocolates, tea cakes, tea and jam(s).

– Markets and Fairs:


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