Happy Thanksgiving!

For the occasion and because we like to work with what’s in season, we’re introducing a new macaron: le Cendrillon (Cinderella in French), where an ordinary pumpkin is turned into a sweet and delicate pumpkin spice bouchée.

The filling is white chocolate ganache mixed with roasted pumpkin puree (that we made from scratch using Glen Valley Organic Farm pumpkin picked up at the market, no sugar or anything added except some spices), the shell is flavoured with a traditional pumpkin spice mix  and topped with a pumpkin seed (that reminded us of Cinderella’s lost shoe, kind of…). This macaron is very seasonal and will be in our line-up until Halloween (remember to check out the Bakers’ Market on Oct. 29).

Available this Saturday, October 7 at Kerrisdale Farmers’ Market (E. Bld & W. 41st Ave., 10am – 2pm) and Bakers’ Market (Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, 11am – 3pm) and upon order.



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