Wedding Favors

We finally found favour boxes we like so we are ready to supply you with wedding or special events favour packages!

Pretty much everything is costumizable: the size (1- or 2-macarons boxes), the flavour(s) and colors of the macarons, the ribbon or wraphia… Only thing that is not is the color of the box (white only).

We can do everything for you and deliver the favours ready to put on the table  or you can supply us with the favour box and/or ribbon, name tags and we package them for you or you can buy only the macarons (or other items as you wish) and do the rest yourself.

Prices vary with the level of customization, quantity and delivery options (only in the Greater Vancouver area). Please contact us for more information at or (604) 767 7480.

The earlier you place your order the better so we have time to plan our production schedule ahead but 2 to 3 weeks notice is the minimum. Depending on the quantity, you can order from the range of flavours or colours we have in stock or ask us for something specific (if it requires we make tests, there will be a set up fee but that way you’re guaranteed to have exactly what you want).

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Thanks for your support!

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