Bastille Day, Brioche and Weekly schedule

The French National Day is coming this week, Thursday, July 14, to celebrate the anniversary of the French Revolution that put an end to the monarchy in France and was probably the first of our now famous mass protests.
There isn’t a traditional Bastille Day dish but Marie-Antoinette reportedly said, talking about the impoverished and starving citizens of Paris who couldn’t afford bread: “qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (let them eat cake) so that’s the recipe David gave to the Burnaby Newsleader this week to illustrate this article about Bastille Day.
Brioche is so popular in France that each region has its own recipe and we don’t need a special day to eat brioche, our favourite tea time and brunch treat (nothing compares to brioche French toast)!

For cute little hors d’oeuvres, we also bake mini brioche loaves that you can use to make sweet and savoury canapés like mini grilled cheese or mini jam sandwiches. We only bake them upon order and don’t usually carry them at Farmers’ Market so shoot us an email if you have a tea or dinner party coming up and want to impress your guests! You can pre-order and pick up at a market or we deliver.

Mini grilled cheese and mini jam sandwiches

Where to find us this week:
– Thursday, July 14: New Westminster (Tipperary Park, Royal & 4th St. ) / 3pm-7pm
– Saturday, July 16: North Vancouver (Lonsdale Quay East Plaza) / 10am-3pm
– Sunday, July 17: Steveston (Moncton & 3rd Ave) / 10am / 4pm


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