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We are baking fresh French macarons with the Canucks’ colors and we are working on securing an easily accessible location where you could pick up your orders before Friday’s game (South Granville area -W. 12th and Hemlock-, free parking and close to transit). How does that sound?
The Maca’nucks only come with a pistachio ganache (made from homemade pistachio paste) but feel free to mix-n-match with our other macarons (chocolate-passion fruit, coconut, raspberry, hazelnut-Praliné, chocolate-Earl Grey tea).
$10 for any 6 macarons.
Special offer: 1 free macaron of another flavour with every dozen you order for pick-up on Thursday or Friday!
Limited quantities available.

You can place an order by email (info@frenchmadebaking.com) or by phone (604) 767 7480.

Macarons can be stored in the fridge so they would still be good on Friday for Game 5. They would make a perfect snack to celebrate victory, don’t you think?

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