Tadaaa! Bake for the Quake amazing results

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the Roundhouse and patiently waited in line to get in and thank you to everyone who donated! You proved once again that Vancouverites are very generous. The organizers’ goal ($5,000) was exceeded by far and a total of $7,136 has been raised! About 650 people attended the event, which caught everyone by surprise and most bakers, including us, were sold out before the end of  the night… Amazing!

We were able to contribute up to $688 but we wish we had baked more to be able to sell up to the last minute and raise more money! Our line-up consisted of canelés de Bordeaux, financiers almond cakes, madeleines and French macarons (packs of 6 assorted flavors, packs of 6 of our best seller Chocolate-Earl Grey tea and a special edition for the occasion: a macaron that represented the Japanese flag filled with Matcha green tea ganache).

Photo: Tomasz Wagner, Mananetwork.com

Kudos to everyone who contributed to the event: bakers, volunteers, sponsors and the wonderful organizers! Our thoughts go to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami still facing many challenges.


Read the full report on http://bakeforthequake.com/

More photos here (by Tomasz Wagner, Mananetwork).

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