How I became a French language coach

Language coach “by accident”

I’d never thought about teaching and I started my career change when I was 35. The sum of my past experiences brought me to my new job as a French coach and I’ve never felt happier because it allows me to share my passion for languages with other polyglots and to help others.

As you will see below, I’ve had a rather diverse and uncommon career path so far! You’ll get to know me as you read my blog (here and in the French part of the website) but in a nutshell, here are the main points.

“Yours truly” sums up why this blog exists. First, here I’m going to tell you bits and pieces about my life in all honesty especially things related to expatriation and learning languages.

I also intend to share some of my experience, advice and tips to help you in whatever project(s) brought you to this blog or just to entertain you and make you smile and/or dream. I’m not giving formal lessons on this blog yet but I’m going to be sharing snippets of the French and North-American cultures and of both languages.

So, who am I?

Long story short, I was born and raised in France. I love learning and my studies led me to graduate with a Master’s degree from one of the best schools in Paris. Ever since I was a kid though I was dreaming of far away places and of being able to speak many languages fluently. My year as an exchange student in Ireland was the highlight of my university years. After 3 years as a project manager in a small events agency in Paris I finally decided it was time to make my dreams come true.

It all became clear after a 4-weeks trip to India (so cliché, I know!) in 2007 with my future husband Introl. Upon our return my body had a hard time re-adapting to the Parisian life (after having an equally hard time adjusting to life in India…) but my mind never fully recovered. I had been beaten by the travel bug and had to satisfy my wanderlust, I needed the sensations and challenges that come with travelling and living in a foreign country.


I started to work on a project I called Changer de vie: to do list (New beginnings: to do list. The blog posts are only in French at the moment) to make this move happen and I convinced Introl to follow me to Canada in 2009. I must admit it wasn’t too difficult, I mean, have you ever seen pictures of Vancouver?! Kind of looks like paradise on Earth… We didn’t go straight there though, we took our sweet time and embarked on a 3-months road trip from Montreal to the Pacific Northwest via Louisiana and Route 66. Sweet times indeed… We are still in Vancouver, BC to this day and loving it!

Fast forward 2 years

In 2011, Introl and I decided to embark on another journey and to make another dream come true. We opened our own French pastry shop in Vancouver, French Made Baking. That was the second “Changer de vie/New beginnings” moment, live the American (/Canadian) Dream.

For 6 years, we gave our “baby” all our time and energy, more often than not on the verge of burning out but we loved every minute of it. In 2017, although we were among the best bakeries in town, we needed to take a break and sold the pastry shop to work on a new concept for our brand and focus on other personal projects, which brings us to this day.

Now, I’m teaching languages online and in person (one-on-one and small groups lessons). I specialize in teaching French to intermediate and advanced levels.

Whether you need French for work or travel purposes, to pass an exam or test (DELF, DALF…), to practice conversation or to brush up your skills I’ll be happy to assist you and keep your spirits high 🙂

Let me help you make your dreams come true
and let’s start by ticking “learn French” off your list!

 If you’d like to book a session with me, please send me an email for more information. The first session is free so we can get to know each other! No matter where you are in the world, I’ll be happy to accommodate, I use many tools to teach online.